Sunday, October 16, 2011

White House Official Publicly Touts Occupy Wall Street, Slogan

Trying its hardest to show that it has no idea what is going on, an official in the Obama White House has now publicly touted the Occupy Wall Street movement, using their own slogan.

"The interests of the 99 percent of Americans are well-represented on [President Obama's campaign] tour," said Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest Sunday. Secretary Earnest is referring to the
OWS slogan, which states that "the 1%" of "rich capitalists" are oppressing "the 99%" somehow.
Secretary Earnest
The Occupy Wall Street movement is mainly focused on ending capitalism, spreading more of "the wealth" around, and calls for the end of political favors to so-called rich Wall Street donors. They also seem to support President Obama, who ironically raked in more money from Wall Street than any President in the last twenty years.

The OWS movement also has a severe antisemitic overtone, even though it calls for "economic equality," and is decidedly more violent than the Tea Party movement, even though Occupy Wall Street claims it is peaceful.
An Occupy Wall Street protester tackles a police officer
With so many internal and external contradictions, it would seem logical that such a movement would quickly fall apart. In fact, even the Obama White House aides are "acutely aware" at how disorganized and lawless the supporters are.

However, thanks to support from the Main Stream Media and protesters benefiting from the system they so despise, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues.

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