Friday, October 07, 2011

White House Adviser on Solyndra: '*#~@ show'

No *#~@:
When Solyndra hit the fan in August, White House energy adviser Heather Zichal may have summed it up best.

"*#~@ show," Zichal wrote in an email Aug. 25.

Zichal’s email is one of dozens showing Obama administration officials were planning how to handle a Solyndra bankruptcy days before the solar company went under.

On Aug. 17, Dan Utech, an energy special assistant in the White House, wrote in an email that DOE had learned Solyndra was beginning to shut down operations.

“It’s unclear what that means in terms of how many people are involved at Solyndra, but we’re now in a place where this could break at any time. DOE communications will be reaching out to WH comms shortly to coordinate.”

The emails also show officials were staking out positions and assigning blame.

The White House and Office of Management and Budget were told by DOE on Aug. 11 — a full 20 days before Solyndra filed for bankruptcy — that the California solar company was “experiencing difficulties and that a bankruptcy or restructuring is imminent,” according to an internal OMB email.

“This issue could become public very quickly since Solyndra may already be unable to pay their suppliers,” the email states.
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  1. The common theme in these recent scandals is cronyism and corruption running rampant in all branches of our government. This is yet another example.

    Consider what just happened in a federal court in Texas. A Dallas business owner was involved in a civil dispute and paid millions of dollars to lawyers, and when he objected to their fees, they had a “friendly” judge seize all of his property, without any notice or hearing, and essentially ordered him to be an involuntary servant to the lawyers. The business owner has been under this "servant" order for 10 months and is prohibited from owning any possessions, prohibited from working, etc... has details about this disturbing case.