Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Truck Bomb Kills 70 in Somali Capital

Some terrible news coming out of Mogadishu. At least 70 people were killed today when a large truck bomb exploded in the worst attack in months. This comes after al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab left much of the capital. The fundamentalist group claimed responsibility:

"Al-Shabab carried out that attack," a spokesman for the insurgents told Reuters. "Our target was the ministries."

The jihadists were attempting to kneecap Somalia's future:

"The casualties are mostly students and parents who were waiting for results of scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education," the government said. "The attack shows that the danger from terrorists is not yet over and that there are obviously still people, who want to derail the advances that the Somali people have made towards peace."

Hopefully the UN and AU will respond with more peacekeepers.

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