Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stats About the "Under-Privileged" OWS Demonstators

I'm sure you have seen plenty of pictures of OWS demonstrators with laptops and iPhones in tow, complaining that they deserve more and that they are impoverished. I decided to look up some facts about people who are actually in need of help: starving children in Africa.

Children in Africa don't have water, food, or electricity, let alone a freaking laptop. In Africa, it costs 19 cents to feed a child for a day. To buy a new MacBook, it costs over $1,200 (plus taxes).
An OWS Member Enjoying her MacBook
To put that in perspective, if these whiners gave the money they spent on a new computer to children in Africa as a donation, they could have fed over 6,000 children for a day. Or they could have fed a single child for over 17 years.

In Africa, it costs just a few pennies a month to hydrate 20 people. With $300 dollars, you can give water to 20 deprived African children for 25 years.

If you buy an iPhone with the cheapest service plan, it will cost over $550 in two years. If you took that money and spent it on children who need water, you could hydrate 240 African children for two years. If you wanted to hydrate a large amount of people for a single day, instead of buying an iPhone, you could give water to 175,200 children.

Yeah, those poor saps with iPhones, laptops, food, water, shelter, and free speech sure have it rough.  If it wasn't obvious already, these people have absolutely no perspective at all.  They live in their own little world of, "Me, me, me."

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  1. So much free speech that they can't exercise their 1st Amendment rights without being misrepresented by idiots like you.

    I'd also love to know what you think causes starvation and drought in Africa. You're probably completely wrong.

  2. Wait, what? I was merely pointing out that the money they spent on their electronics could feed thousands of people. How is that misrepresenting their cause? There is no need to resort to calling people names.

  3. and is it there responsibility to feed children in africa? why isn't the african leader doing something about it? instead of terrorizing the citizens and chopping down there food sources? why doesnt the leader of africa, instead of stealing peoples land, stop taking the land so these starving children can have a chance?