Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Romney: Military Defender

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney defended the amount of money we spend towards national defense in an interview with the New Hampshire based Union-Leader. Calling 20% an appropriate level of spending on our military - Romney cited continuing jihadist threats, Chinese aggression, Iran's nuclear goals, and Russian regression as reasons to maintain a robust defense presence.

This represents Mr. Romney's strongest efforts yet to reach out to hawks, who have often been ignored this election cycle, on defense spending since the campaign kicked off, and he did so effectively. I would love to see more of this from other candidates, but few are willing to stand for our national defense this year - which is very un-republican.

I might be biased, due to my recent endorsement of Mr. Romney, but I have not heard many candidates for the Republican nomination defend defense spending this year, and some are even backing off of Bush's very successful foreign policy achievements of the previous decade. But not Mitt - he is standing strong thus far - and kudos to him.

What say you?

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