Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Supporters Turn On Each Other on their Website

Putting the fact that the people calling for the occupation of Wall Street have a website, which means they can afford a computer and an internet connection, aside, it appears that this gang of nitwits is not too fond of how their "revolt" is being handled.  The most evident example of this is on their imbecilic "demands" page, which allows comments.

Even though these people stress that their "front" is unified, it is clearly not.  There is in-fighting and anger towards one another.  Enjoy:

"A freakshow:"
And these come from other parts of the site.  Don't trust the unions, even though other Occupy Wall Street supporters love them (expletive obscured):
"Bickering idiots:"
Plain "stupid:"
A bunch of geniuses for sure.

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  1. I spent three days last week at "Liberty Plaza", mainly just observing. While there, I could listen to 3 people and get 10 reasons as to what they are trying to accomplish. I look at the whole thing as a politically/economically-confused sleep-over.

  2. Exactly right, RS. Although, it's much more like a "sheep-over."

  3. As a right-wing populist -- i was going to go the one in St. Louis, but i realised the absurdity of these individuals.

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