Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street raises over $150,000 in Tax-Deductible Donations

Once again, those protesting capitalism are benefiting from it:
After 26 days of protests in New York's financial center, the Occupy Wall Street movement has raised over $150,000 in donations, according to Pete Dutro, a member of the protest's financial arm. 
This massive fundraising was made through donations via mail, two websites -- and -- and in person to members of what the movement calls its "Finance Working Group." 
Separately, four days ago, "Occupy Wall Street Media" successfully raised over $75,000 worth of donation pledges to be used toward the protest's official publication, The Occupy Wall Street Journal, according to the online funding platform Kickstarter. 
In addition to overseeing fundraising, members of the Finance Working Group, distinguishable by their gold dollar sign armbands, are also charged with disbursing funds to the other groups within the movement. These groups, which range from more permanent teams like Security and Media, to temporary teams assigned to isolated tasks, become eligible for funding upon approval by the general assembly. 
"It's been chaotic," Dutro told CNN. "It's kind of like doing an office job inside of a mosh pit."
The poor, poor Occupy Wall Streeters at their laptop station
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