Thursday, October 06, 2011

Muslims in Spain Declare "Jihad on Dogs;" Poison Canines in Street

Reports from Spain are now indicating that Muslims have declared a new enemy: dogs.  In the course of the last several weeks, fifteen canines have been apparently poisoned by Muslims in Lérida, in northeast Catalonia.

A natural reaction to this would be: what the hell?  Local residences say that Muslims are murdering the dogs.  Muslims in the area consider canines "unclean" and therefore their existence violates their religious freedom.
A poor, poisoned dog
Islam, they believe, forbids the keeping of dogs unless they are for hunting.

The region is heavily populated by people of the Islamic faith.  Not ironically, dozens of dogs were poisoned in the same area several years ago.  Understandably, non-Muslim citizens of the region are "alarmed" and now have set up groups which escort people who walk their dogs.

It is unknown when, or if, the attacks will stop.

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  1. I didn't catch that..escort people who walk their dogs? Well this is simply vile..just like Iran? Clearly it's bad enough the crap they inflict on other humans.. but you know that might actually be the very thing that will set people off! I highly doubt it if people would sit still long for this?

  2. I am all for treating the dog as beast, although this is a bit heinous. However--the culture of the West exults the dog as an equal --and best friend, leading the Mohammedan to covertly attack.
    As a reactionary, i represent a time and character when Christian men of civilization did not eat, nor sleep with the dog.

  3. A "bit" heinous? These dogs didn't do anything to anyone. They don't deserve to be murdered, regardless of whether people treat them as pets, pals, or whatever

  4. You should feel sorry for the muslims.

    If you take away his allah given right to murder other human beings, he will naturally turn to the killing of defensless animals.

    It is not the muslims fault. It is Your fault.

    1. I do not feel sorry for these people! And taking away their allah given right to murder other human beings they would naturally kill defenseless animals - well that is also a bunch of crap! If allah is such a loving god, he surely would not tell his people to kill other human beings. These radical people are full of hate and violence and need to be stopped!

  5. Wow, wait till they try this garbage in the USA, they will be slapped down quicker than you can say dog. These fools and their delusions of global conquest are going to be the death of them.

  6. They're welcome to try this in the states. A lot of folks, myself included, think their dogs are a lot better than quite a few people. Certainly better than these radical muslims.
    But like I say, they sure are free to take their chances on killing the dogs in the U.S. But if they do, they had better make sure it's somewhere in the Northeast or West Coast, those folks would let these terrorist kill their sister and not raise a hand to stop them because they're afraid of infringing on someone's cultural "rights". We don't have such silly notions in the South.

  7. Muslims do not like:

    Most animals
    Lots of other Muslims

    What do Muslims do when they do not like someone or something?

    Kill, poison, shoot, blow up, behead, torture, hack off limbs, destroy, etc.

    Those are the values of Islam

  8. My dogs have always been like my own children to me. Some muzzie lays one hoof on my babies and I will taint punch it with .45cal of 230gr lead. PERIOD.

  9. And that my friends how the government/illuminati/freemasons/the counsil (or watever u want to call them) controls the people through press and media. yes this is the idea they want to give you of Islam, and YOU take the bate like a clueless mouse. PEOPLE BE WISER THAN THAT. shame on you Punditpress although you probably dont know any better. i am muslim and admit most muslims are messed up; culturally, logically etc.., a famous islamic egyptian scholar traveled to europe he came back and said a famous quote (translating, paraphrasing)"when i was there, i found muslims but not Islam, when i am here i find Islam but not muslims" think about that for a moment. as for the "news" other than its highly unreliable source (what do they mean "reports from spain") the Prophet had stated it is prefered that dogs shouldnt live in a household because of their impure saliva. it is fine to keep in a garden outside the house. He also told that once a man met a thirsty dog while traveling and gave the dog water from the well that was unreachable to it, God rewarded him with heaven. another one, is a woman who locked up a cat in a room, God punished her with hell. so if u want to get the true idea of Islam learn arabic and visit the middle east. If this story IS indeed true, muslims shouldnt be blamed because u are blaming an entire faith, what should happen is each and every one of them should be punished for animal cruelty thats the progressive step to take, and i did not see that happen. and BTW the only "jihad" is to spread the book of God, any other "jihad" is bullcrap.