Monday, October 24, 2011

Man Faces Losing Home, Has Pay Cut Over 35% for Opposing Gay Marriage

In England, there is a high price to pay for opposing same-sex marriage.

Adrian Smith, a 54-year-old father of two, posted on his private Facebook account that he disapproves of gay marriage because of his Christian beliefs. He wrote that allowing homosexuals to wed would be "an equality too far." It is important to point out that the comment could only be viewed by Mr. Smith's confirmed friends on Facebook, and was not public.

Instead of being allowed to voice his right to free speech, he was brought in front of his employers, the Trafford Housing Trust in Greater Manchester. They declared that he was guilty of "gross misconduct."

As a consequence, they cut his pay by over £10,000, from £35,000 a year to £21,396. That is a pay cut of 39% for posting on a private Facebook account.
With such a severe decrease in salary, Mr. Smith now faces the prospect of losing his house. According to Mike Judge of the Christian Institute, Mr. Smith will soon fall behind on his mortgage payments should the ruling be upheld.

"However, as [Mr. Smith's salary] goes down, in two or three months he is going to have trouble paying his mortgage," Mr. Judge stated. "His only hope is that his employers see sense and reverse their decision."

Mr. Smith's company found out about the comment when a college complained to the company's "Equality and Diversity" head.

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  1. Gay fascists on the march.

  2. He's treated no different than Gays are in 30 states, and Trans people in 35.

    It's wrong in those places, and wrong here. Hope he sues the clothes off their backs.

    The fact that I disagree with him is irrelevant; freedom of speech means the freedom to disagree, if confined to only those who share your opinions, it's meaningless.