Sunday, October 23, 2011

FrackSolv(TM): Now What Shall We Argue About?

For years now I have heard the arguments that hydraulic fracturing for natural gas must be banned due to the "risk" of fresh water contamination by toxic tracking fluid. Never mind that such a contamination has never been demonstrated. Never mind that geologists say the possibility of such a contamination is infinitely small. It only matters that the possibility exists and it is the responsibility of every good progressive liberal to save us from ourselves. As is often the case though, technology and industrial ingenuity, has a way of making fools of the chicken littles in our midst.

FracSolv(TM) to the rescue:

FracSolv(TM) is a Surfactant based, Anionic Polyacrylamide (PAM) that acts as a stable colloidal particle dispersion solution. The micro-particles in FracSolv(TM) utilize the mechanism of disjoining pressure once the micro-particles encounter a discontinuous phase. FracSolv(TM) acts to separate oil and natural gas from the formation's surface, thereby accelerating the recovery of oil and natural gas reservoirs. The FracSolv(TM) solution has no systemic toxicity to any aquatic organisms or microorganisms and remains 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe throughout its useful product lifespan.

"FracSolv(TM) solves several problems in hydraulic fracturing water handling and disposal, while lessoning long term environmental liabilities for natural gas companies. FracSolv(TM) is a cost effective and environmentally sound component of an integrated frac water management system. The FracSolv(TM) process assists in separating oil and natural gas from the wastewater and reducing the total dissolved solids below current EPA and State drinking water standards of 500 parts per million," stated Bruce Fischer, Chairman of Westmont.

The FRAC Act (2011), would require energy companies to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, and most importantly, close a loophole that exempts drilling operators from drinking water regulations. FracSolv(TM) meets these standards today. "As we recognize the need for energy independence through oil and natural gas exploration, it is imperative to ensure the process for extracting natural gas be done safely and responsibly. Our company is guided by solid scientific principles innovatively applied to benefit industry and society," stated Glenn McQuiston, President of Westmont.

This is not the first such innovation and it won't be the last, but such an announcement does a great deal of damage to the arguments against natural gas production.

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