Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did Anyone Miss Huntsman?

Last night was the first debate Jon Huntsman Jr. has not participated in since earlier this year, but the real question for political experts is if anyone actually missed him, and considering the fireworks between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry that have dominated the post-debate news cycle thus far, I'd say that's a no.

CNN did not bring up the Nevada-New Hampshire scuffle, Huntsman's decision to boycott the debate in favor of remaining in New Hampshire, or the fact one of the men we have been staring at for the past five months suddenly disappeared without notice.

So what does this mean for Huntsman?

I think this will help his campaign in New Hampshire, because the Granite State is undeniably pissed off by Nevada's scheduled caucus and he didn't just spend his night out of Nevada - he spent it talking to 250, or more, potential primary voters in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, which has resulted in very good local press.

No one watching the debate missed Jon Huntsman Jr. last night, but the voters of New Hampshire will not miss the fact he was in their state and standing for their right to the first primary.

What say you?

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