Monday, October 10, 2011

The Circlular Logic of Al Sharpton

Anytime I hear Al Sharpton speak I always end up asking my self the same question, does he ever stop and think before he opens his mouth?  The answer I always end up with is no.  Case in point is Al's reaction to the GOP liking themselves some Herman Cain. 

Cain is rising in the polls for the GOP nomination for president and that is something that is making the liberal heads explode.  After all the GOP are racists, they can't possibly like a black man.  But wait, maybe he is one of the traitorous kind of black men.  You know the one that dare to think for themselves and don't march in lockstep to the I am a victim mentality that permeates some of the black community.  You know Clarence Thomas is one.  After all he is married to white woman, so that must prove that he is race traitor.  It doesn't matter that his first wife was black, what matters is that today he has strayed from the group think of the Sharpton's of the world. 

You see Herman is married to black woman (so is Allen West, by the way) so the desire to blame the white women for the ones that got away doesn't work with Herman.  Herman grew up in the segregated south.  He is of the age that he remembers not being able to drink from the white fountain or use the white bathroom.  Mr. Cain was actually denied admission to his college of choice even though he graduated at the top of high school class.  Instead of getting bitter, he changed his plans and went to Moorehouse.  He didn't blame the "man", he went around him to achieve his goal of getting a college education.  A goal that was also the American Dream of his father; to see his children succeed in the world through education and hard work.  That is what Mr. Cain has accomplished in his life.  He doesn't feel the need to look at himself as a person who was held back because of his color, he has chosen to look at it as a challenge that was worth overcoming. 

Al Sharpton has criticized Cain's statements about the black community being brainwashed to voting for democrats. 
“What [Cain] does not have the right is to rewrite history by saying that blacks were brainwashed by becoming Democrats, We went with a Party that stood up for the Civil Rights Act of ’64 and Voting Rights Act of ’65.”
Which of course, on its face is incorrect, the acts more largely supported by republicans.  But during another discussion, he says this:
If Herman Cain were to come on my show radio or TV, I would say to him how could anyone in their right mind that grew up in the South and saw what they saw, or stand up there and act like anybody and that is unemployed and that is not rich did it to themselves starting with your momma (referring to Guest Professor Karen Hunter of Hunter College). I could have understood someone with Barack Obama’s background having that kind of confusion. So, I would only assume that he is either socially ignorant or playing games to get votes. Cause he couldn’t possibly have grown up and come to that conclusion unless he was one or the other.
Hey Al, maybe this statement is why Cain believes that blacks have been brainwashed by the likes of you.  Mr. Cain was born into segregation and found his own way out.  He has become a successful man that is now a viable candidate for President of the United States.  I don't think he needs you to tell him how ignorant he is.  He believed in himself, he believed in his God, he believed in hard work, and he believed in the American Dream.  Imagine if more people around the country took Mr. Cain's lead. 

So, let me see if I understand this.  If you are black and don't look at yourself as a person who has been victimized you are ignorant.  But, if you stay in the mindset of low expectations because people you have never met were once slaves, even though the practice ended almost 140 years ago, you are not.  OK, got it.

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