Friday, September 23, 2011

Vote in Our Poll: Who won the Republican Debate last night?

Last night was the FoxNews/Google debate. Gary Johnson killed with his neighbor's dog, while Hermain Cain received a touching standing ovation when he talked about surviving cancer. In the meantime, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry continued to butt heads.

With so much at stake, each candidate wanted to shine in what was being called the most "technological" debate of all time. So, in your opinion, who won the FoxNews/Google debate last night in Florida?

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  1. It's clear who won that debate: Barack Obama.

  2. Romney??? Really, who is voting for him. Seriously people, educate yourself. Unbelieveable. He's just more of the same nonsense. We don't need anymore politicians in Washington, clear the house! The White House that is!!

  3. As a Ron Paul supporter, Dr. Paul will finally investigate 9/11 and the jew-conspiracy around it.