Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There Is No Peace With the Taliban

It is easy to forget about the ongoing War in Afghanistan with the 2012 Presidential election in full swing and our never ending economic woes, but the latest news out of the war-torn nation should send a message to all Americans that our mission is not complete and that victory is our only path to success.

The death of former Afghan President Rabbani, who has been allied with the United States for decades now against both the Soviets, and the Taliban, should remind us that you cannot negotiate with terrorists, because they have no intentions of ending this fight until they are victorious and they will murder anyone in their way.

Peace to the Taliban means murdering a former President in his house.

If President Obama was a real leader, he would immediately change course by ordering the troop withdrawal to be cancelled and flush the few remaining Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan, and yes Pakistan as well, once and for all. Peace in Afghanistan should only be obtained by the destruction of the Taliban by our forces and not the guaranteed survival of it by theirs.

America needs a President who will lead on Afghanistan by destroying the Taliban.

What say you?

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