Monday, September 05, 2011

Romney Meets the Tea Party

Note: I titled my article before noticing David Weigel's piece.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney just isn't the Tea Party's cup of tea, and vice-versa, but they joined together yesterday in New Hampshire as the candidate addressed the organization for the first time in the presidential race.

The highlights?

1. Mitt Romney stayed true to himself. He didn't pander to Tea Party members, nor did he apologize for his previous stances on issues of vital importance. He focused on defeating Barack Obama and rebuilding America.

2. Tea Party resistance to his speech was overstated in the days before. 200-250 people attended the event, and only 24 at the most protested his appearance beforehand. I've seen more people protest KFC over how chickens are killed.

3. This wont impact the 2012 race. Romney will win New Hampshire with, or without any Tea Party support, because the state is independent minded and appreciates his maverick role, but I bet he would love to gain at least one Tea Party endorsement within the national or state apparatus.

What say you?

1 comment:

  1. Can I remind you that Mittens RomneyCare LOST to john McCain?
    Why should we elevate him now when he hasn't changed?