Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Romney Leads in Iowa

There's a new front-runner in Iowa - and it's not Rick Perry.

With 21% of likely Republican Caucus goers selecting Mitt Romney as their preferred candidate in the latest American Research Group survey of 600 Iowans, the former Massachusetts Governor has taken the lead over Ames, Iowa Straw Poll victor Michele Bachmann (15%) and Texas Governor Rick Perry (14%) in the first of the nation caucus.

Mitt Romney - 21%.
Michele Bachmann - 15%.
Rick Perry - 14%.
Ron Paul - 12%.
Newt Gingrich - 8%.
Herman Cain - 6%.
Sarah Palin - 4%.
Rick Santorum - 2%.
Jon Huntsman - 1%.
Buddy Roemer - 1%.
Gary Johnson - 0%.
Unknown/other - 16%.

I'm not actually sure what the political response to this will be, but the Romney campaign has to be pleased with these results. Romney is now leading in both Iowa, and New Hampshire according to recent surveys, which indicates momentum towards his steady campaign.

What say you?

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