Thursday, September 29, 2011

Romney is Presidential

Did you know that former Michigan Governor George Romney was once the front-runner to win the 1968 Republican nomination?

At least he was until he accused the United States Military of brainwashing him into supporting the ongoing War in Vietnam at the time. The media destroyed him and Republicans fled from him - he ended up getting just 4,400+ primary votes - nearly 11,000 less than George Wallace.

With this in mind, it's easy to understand why current front-runner Mitt Romney is so cautious on what goes on within his campaign and what's said by himself on the stump. He knows what the blowback of saying off the wall, or unprepared comments can do to a campaign over night.

This is one of the reasons why Romney will ultimately win the nomination.

He is not Michele Bachmann, who repeats whatever fits her narrative for the day without checking her facts, nor Rick Perry, who omits certain facts when attacking his opponents. He talks straight on the campaign and doesn't hit below the belt during conflict with his opponents.

As much as some hate the phrase - Romney is Presidential - it perfectly describes him, because he has seen what works and what doesn't work in political campaigns for over four decades now, and it's just who he is.

What say you?

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