Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama's Third "Laser-Focused" Budget is Merely Desperate Attempt to Energize Beleaguered Base

Give me a break, Mr. Obama.

I think we all know that President Obama does not believe that Republicans in the House of Representatives, infused with a good helping of the Tea Party, has even a chance of passing his newly christened "Buffett Rule" taxing spree.  We just went through a major debt battle to prove that tax increases aren't going to get passed, even if the United States is going to go over the Congressional debt limit.

So, really, the question is:  why is Mr. Obama proposing this bill now?  Does he believe that those who make $200,000 or more should pay more taxes?  Sure he does; he's made that obvious from speeches for the last... well, forever.  But why propose it now?
All through the debt debate, President Obama refused to be specific, refused to present his ideas in writing.  The entire thing passed him by while he played with his thumbs.  He figured that he could merely demand things, pound his hands, and both his base and somehow Republicans would follow.

But they didn't.  The Tea Party did not allow Obama to push for a few abstract, poorly constructed illusions.  Yet one thing happened that the President didn't expect: his base started to leave him.  Democrats began to cry foul over a President they see as weak-willed.  Rumblings of a primary became discussions out in the open.  Websites promoting Hillary in 2012 started popping up.

So Mr. Obama needs something, a Hail Mary of sorts.  Tea Party Republicans are not going to change to his side, he's lost most independents, and his base was angry at him.  He is completely aware that the House will never pass tax increases.  So his solution is simple:  propose massive new increases that will never, ever get through Congress, but will energize his base.

In the meantime, Mr. Obama hopes that the conversation is about Left versus Right and Poor versus Rich, instead of what it really is: Liberals too Dumb to Realized they're being Used vs. The Rest of Us.

For Obama, it's the perfect combination.  Try to get his "agenda" passed, but blame Republicans if it failed (which is what he's been doing all along).  Yet, he can whine that conservatives are protecting the rich while he's defending the poor.  The only problem is, he never expected this bill to pass in the first place.

Oh, and this is budget number 3 this year.  Let's see if Mr. Obama goes for a record and proposes number 4.

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