Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama Approval Hits New Low on RCP

President Obama has a lot to worry about in the coming weeks. The economy appears to be slipping again, the media is actually reporting on the Solyndra scandal, and he faces an increasingly confident Republican field.

Now it appears that the public is catching up with all of his problems. For months, even as the public grew dissatisfied with the way the country was headed, Obama's approval did not slip as much as it could have. Now, with not one, but two polls showing him at or below 40%, he is doing worse.

In the Real Clear Politics average of the major polling indices, the President has fallen to his lowest level yet. While his disapproval has not reached that point currently, he is just coming off his record disapproval.

Let's take a look at the average from the beginning of the year:

We can see the jump in approval from the bin Laden killing, but we can also notice the spike in disapproval from late last month which topped out at 53.2%.

As it stands now, Obama is facing the following:

Approve: 43.3%
Disapprove: 51.1%
Other/dk: 5.6%

All in all, not impressive numbers. Part of Obama's ratings are being held up by a Reuters poll which has him at a 47/48 split, the most positive of all of them. That one's about to be phases out, so watch and see if it will drop again.

As Solyndra seeps into the public consciousness, his approval average may fall below 40%, a very dangerous area for an incumbent.

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  1. I can't get over how fast he has brought us to this point, praying for the courage and energy to fight for our country. Everything.. he has done, there is not one thing that hasn't hurt taxpaying U.S. cititizens.