Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liberals: Cain Victory in Straw Poll PROVES Republicans, Tea Partiers are Racist (With Pictures)

For the entirety of the Barack Obama Presidency, and stretching back into his candidacy, liberals have been using the race card even more than normal.  Indeed, with the rise of the Tea Party, instead of average folks tired of being over-taxed, the Left painted these people as dyed-in-the-wool racists.

Liberals use this talking point continually.  Most recently, with the debt debate, Democrats felt obliged to call those opposed to raising the debt ceiling "racists."  Ironically, Senator Barack Obama himself opposed raising the debt ceiling in 2006, but what are facts to people who blindly follow?

That brings us to yesterday, when Herman Cain, a former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, won a surprise landslide victory in the Florida Republican Straw Poll. Mr. Cain happens to be African-American, but those voting did not care. He received 37% of the vote. He was chosen as the best candidate simply because people at the straw poll thought he was the best candidate. The second highest vote-getter was Rick Perry with only 15%.

Considering Mr. Cain's decisive victory and the massive support that he has received from the Tea Party, one may think that that would utterly disprove the talking point that Tea Partiers are racists.  Instead, liberals have decided to double down, exclaiming that Mr. Cain's landslide victory over his Caucasian counterparts somehow proves that Republicans, and the Tea Party, are a bevy of racists.

The reasoning for these liberals goes something like this:  "Herman Cain is black.  He won the Florida Republican Straw Poll.  Therefore, Republicans are voting for him just to say they're not racist, but they'd never actually nominate him, even though they are voting for his nomination."  It makes no sense to anyone that has a conscience, but then again, we must remember that liberals are making these arguments.

That is way impossibly stupid comments like these exist.  From Democratic Underground:
Click on picture for original resolution
Or these from the Huffington Post.  This first one is actually pretty scary:
Or this comment that ridicules "Teathugica­nts" for... being "non racist:"
And this one calling Tea Partiers racist by choosing Mr. Cain, yet using the racist phrase "oh lawd" to start it off:
And the stupidity just goes on:
And on:
And on:
And, of course, an obligatory one from Daily Kos (warning, f-word used):
An added bonus: notice the horrendous lack of "civility" in this comment
This much lying and racism from the Left truly makes me sick.

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