Monday, September 19, 2011

Help Middleburgh NY's Irene Relief

My home town of Middleburgh NY was very hard hit by Hurricane Irene. Nearby Schoharie, faced an even worse fate, with up to 60% of its houses to be condemned.

Most of our businesses were hard hit, and floodwaters damaged homes even outside of the 100-year flood zone. It was the worst calamity to hit our community since 1914.

However, the response of the people of Middleburgh, from around the state, and even from around the country, was spectacular. I played a role in organizing hundreds of volunteers while the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, local churches, and others aided us in our time of need.

Still, even though the majority of the cleanup phase is ending, we're still looking at up to one billion dollars worth of damage in Schoharie County. We are just now coming to terms with the massive scope of this disaster. Many still remain homeless while damage in neighboring Schoharie may be so bad that the Village itself may have to dissolve.

The Village of Middleburgh, on which I serve on the Board, has set up a relief fund. If you can spare a dollar or two to help us, it would be much appreciated. We hope to get money to fix our roads, assist our volunteer fire department, and help the homeowners and businesses get back on their feet.

We're doing better, but it's a long road ahead. Please help make it a little easier.

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