Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CNN-Tea Party Express GOP Debate Review

Here are my thoughts on the eight GOP candidates who were on stage for last night's CNN-Tea Party Express debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer.

Rick Santorum - He was definitely the attack dog of last night, going after his opponents on whatever he could, but he also made the only acceptable Conservative defense of national defense issues last night.

Newt Gingrich - The intellectual struck again last night. I bet he wishes there was an debate every day of September and October, because he would probably win the nomination in a walk.

Ron Paul - Not only did he came very close to saying we should just let people die if they don't have any health insurance, but he once again blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

Rick Perry - His sparring with Romney was fun early on, but he was on the defensive most of the debate, and when he wasn't - like on his isolationist answer on Afghanistan - he was incoherent and just wrong.

Mitt Romney - He presented his seven step plan with authority and answered questions involving Romney-Care very well. He might be the strongest GOP candidate on immigration running for the nomination today.

Michele Bachmann - Her "crony-capitalism" attacks on Rick Perry were disgusting in my eyes. It was low, dirty and unbecoming of someone running for the White House. She did herself no favors last night.

Herman Cain - He was jovial and, as always, very intelligent. He had the best line, "America's too uptight," answered on the Federal Reserve well and kept on with his nine-nine-nine plan that is simple to remember.

Jon Huntsman - He was definitely on the hunt most of the night, but his remarks on Afghanistan were horrid and his defense of drivers licenses for illegal aliens, which even New York rejected in 2007, was undeniably dumb.

I'm still not entirely sold, but one more solid debate performance by Mitt Romney and I'll probably join his campaign for the long-haul. Plus, Pawlenty's endorsement yesterday didn't help in my eyes.

What say you?

P.S. - CNN did a great job on this debate. Kudos to them.

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