Friday, September 16, 2011

"Civility?" Attack Watch Colors "Attackers" Faces Blood-Red

Attack Watch, a terrible George Orwellian idea to begin with, has gone from bad to horrendous. Just a few months ago, Democrats wailed that Republicans were completely responsible for a “climate of fear” that gets people killed. Of course, it wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.

Regardless, Democrats called for “civility.” Since then, there have been literally thousands of violent things that liberals have spewed, from a Facebook group that calls for the murder of Sarah Palin to union heads calling for a “war.” Now there is Attack Watch, which continues the Left’s move towards violence and chaos.

The “incivility” of Attack Watch is clear. Not only does the website prominently feature the word “Attack,” but the site exclusively uses the same colors as the Nazi flag.

Even worse, however, is Attack Watch’s attempts to stop “smears.” First, they state the claim. For example, Governor Rick Perry’s claim that President Obama is “thumbing his nose at Israel.” Second, they try to state the “proof” to the contrary. So, for this example, the evidence Attack Watch gives that Obama has not changed policy is that… some people made “remarks” that he has been good to Israel.  Not actions, but "remarks" from Obama and some foreigners.

Last, but not least, Attack Watch also features a picture of the “attacker” who made the claim. So, if you go to an article in which they attack Sarah Palin for saying ObamaCare is “corrupt,” you are greeted with this picture:
That’s right, a blood-red picture with the emboldened word “Attack” above it. And this is from the party that screamed for civility?

They also feature pictures of Rick Perry:
John Bolton:
And Eric Cantor:
Nice work, Attack Watch. Way to a gigantic, money wasting hypocrite. But then again, I never expected anything different.

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