Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Cheney Endorsement

Vice-President Dick Cheney is the ultimate national defense endorsement in the Republican Party, but as of now the neo-conservative stalwart has yet to back one particular candidate over the other, despite calls from several courting candidates. 

So who will the former Vice-President endorse?

Definitely not Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or other isolationists running. Rick Perry is also unlikely to receive his support - just ask Kay Bailey Hutchison about that. He could avoid endorsing anyone, like President Bush is doing, but I have a good feeling he will follow in the footsteps of President George H.W. Bush and eventually pull the endorse trigger for someone. 

One thing is for sure: Cheney will not campaign for whomever the nominee is, due to personal health reasons. But that will not prohibit him from remaining involved in the Republican Party, and to some degree, keeping our platform and direction strong on all things national defense considered.

What say you?

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