Monday, September 19, 2011

British Nab Seven in Anti-Terror Raid

Terrorism in Europe appears to be falling from collective concern, but it's still a problem that is alive and well. In Great Britain, an anti-terror raid caught seven men who were planning an al Qaeda-style mass casualty plot.
The suspects, six men and one woman, all aged 22-32, are reported to be involved in Islamic extremism and to be British citizens of Pakistani descent.
According to the LWJ, British media is reporting that the raids were linked to an attack in the works.

The Guardian is claiming that the attack was in 'advanced stages:'
Whitehall sources described it as a "major intelligence-led operation" and added that the latest arrests showed that the threat from extremist Islamist ideology had not evaporated despite the deaths of Bin Laden and other prominent al-Qaida individuals in recent US drone strikes on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
But there were no weapons or explosives found.

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