Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you F***ing Kidding? Obama Proposes Letting Jobless Sue for Not Having Jobs

I said yesterday that I had read something that was remarkably stupid.  This is just as bad.  Let me sum it up for you:  if you go to a job interview, you are likely looking for a job, yes?  So let's say twenty people are trying to get a specialized job with good pay.  Naturally, only one person is going to get that job while the other 19 will have to look for another.  According to the Administration, now people should be able to sue employers if they don't get a job and they are unemployed.

Holy God in heaven, what a moron:
Advocates for the unemployed have cheered a push by the Obama administration to ban discrimination against the jobless. But business groups and their allies are calling the effort unnecessary and counterproductive.

The job creation bill that President Obama sent to Congress earlier this month includes a provision that would allow unsuccessful job applicants to sue if they think a company of 15 more employees denied them a job because they were unemployed.

The provision would ban employment ads that explicitly declare the unemployed ineligible, with phrases like "Jobless need not apply." As The Lookout has reported, such ads appear to have proliferated in recent years, prompting an inquiry by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Democratic lawmakers in both the House and the Senate have introduced similar measures. Obama said recently that discrimination against the unemployed makes "absolutely no sense," especially because many people find themselves out of work through no fault of their own.

Advocates for employers oppose the proposed ban. "We do not see a need for it," Michael Eastman of the Chamber of Commerce told the New York Times.

Lawrence Lorber, a labor law specialist who represents employers, told the paper the president's proposal "opens another avenue of employment litigation and nuisance lawsuits."
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