Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Why Did the London Riots Start?

This is a question that, until a few hours ago, I was unable to answer.  The actual answer, however, is more pointless than I could have imagined.

A passenger in a taxi cab, Mark Duggan, a known crack dealer, was stopped by police.  According to police reports, Duggan, who is also linked to several gangs, fired first.  The officers fired back, killing the father of four.  And the riots ensued.
That's why peoples lives are being ruined, why homes are burning, why life savings are being stolen.  Because a crack dealer linked to a string of gangs was killed after firing at police.  I understand that people are upset that he was a father, but to burn buildings, kill people, loot small business owners because a criminal was killed?

This is absurd.

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1 comment:

  1. Lets see...
    Mark Duggan/Rodney King= Blacks 'targeted' by cops start racial riots which will pie jury results for all concerned.

    The only difference is that Korean shopkeepers can not defend their lives or property without going to jail.