Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We're Sorry for the Difficulties

For all of our regular readers, we are very sorry for not writing more articles. Thomas and I are very busy, feeding people who have no food and handing out masks because everything is so dusty. We don't really have time for the blog at the moment (we'll try to write several articles a day). The air, at times, bothers your eyes and rumors are constantly scaring the hell out of people who have lost some or all of their possessions.

Take this picture, for example:
This is before we got hit hard.  It is about two hours before the water rose an extra six feet.  You see those businesses in the background and foreground? They are all ruined.  The road is ripped off of the asphalt in places.  Most of the buildings on Main Street (background) look something like this:
The stores closer to the creek (about ten) are even worse.

Worst of all is the constant fear that a dam, seventeen miles away, will break and kill 10,000 people.  We had to evacuate twice, and twice I thought that my family and I were dead.  It was horrible on Sunday (but it held steady) and the dam is certainly okay now.  But, even though we know everything is fine, there is still an over-arching fear that once we go to sleep or are away from a car, it will break and we are dead meat.



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