Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shepard Fairey, Creator of "Obama Poster," Beaten Up by Left-Wing Radicals

Go figure. Danish left-wingers didn't care that Shepard Fairey "contributed" to liberalism and they didn't care that he is an Obama supporter. At a Mr. Fairey new exhibition in Copenhagen, Danish liberals found Fairey and beat him, leaving him with a black and bruised rib.

Why were these thugs so angry? Because Fairey recently created this mural in Denmark:

Liberals in Denmark were enraged by the creation, which Fairey stated that they misinterpreted. Similar to American liberals, these Danish left-wingers did not care that they did not understand the meaning of something. So, despite their misinterpretation, they decided to beat Fairey and a friend of his.

However, Fairey isn't one to report a crime and instead thought of his PR before the story came out. He stated, "The only thing I could see coming out of it was further media commentary like 'street artist whiner Shepard Fairey can't hold it down in a fight so he snitches to the cops."
Fairey in front of his famous creation
Because of this, the attack was reported Friday, instead of after it happened, several days ago.

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