Thursday, August 11, 2011

Republican Debate Liveblog

9:03pm: The debate is getting under way. First up, Michele Bachmann. She promises to turn the economy around in three months if elected. She says the US should not have increased the debt ceiling. She said that she led the movement that included Democrats and libertarians. She says of the President: "You are finished in 2012. You will be a one-term president." to applause.

Mitt Romney is next, saying that Obama's policies have not created jobs. He says seven things can fix the economy. One is that regulations should not be burdensome. Another is energy security. Another trade policy. Last is a balanced budget.

9:05pm: Baier is pressing Romney on the debt ceiling. Romney said that 37% of the economy is made up of the government, up from 27% under the Kennedy Administration. He agrees with cut, cap, and balance. Romney says that he was against the debt ceiling, as planned.

9:08pm: Ron Paul up now, saying that we need to "restore sound money."

9:10pm: Cain calls for tax rates to stay the same. "I represent growth and it represents the private sector putting gas in the tank" Cain said. He also wants the economy growing in 90 days.

9:14: Going to listen from now on. If one of my co-bloggers wants to pick up, they're welcome.

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