Friday, August 12, 2011

The Paul Forum

I wasn't fortunate enough to watch the entire Fox News Republican debate last night, but I did happen to catch the foreign policy round - and boy was I pissed about the way Fox coordinated that intense slug fest.

Fox didn't isolate Representative Ron Paul, and his kooky worldview, rather they encouraged him at every turn with more questions and more response time than the other candidates on stage. And when Senator Santorum was responding to one of Paul's outrageous claims on Iran - he was cut off at thirty seconds - but Paul's response was allowed to go over that by at least ten!

There is no way Paul should have been allowed to dominate the floor with his wildly anti-mainstream, and to be honest, anti-american worldviews. Fox News will look weaker in the end for allowing the kook in Texas to control the stage in Ames, Iowa.

What say you?


  1. You couldn't be more wrong. Pawlenty and Bachmann had more air time. And to call Ron Paul anti-American is akin to calling John Adams and Thomas Jefferson anti-American. You should have watched the entire debate before making such staements.