Thursday, August 04, 2011

Obama Administration to Use Tax Dollars to Help Fund Re-election Campaign

President Obama will be touring battleground states in the next few weeks in order to rally support for his re-election campaign.  Mr. Obama plans to talk about job creation, the economy, and the goals that he believes that he has achieved while in office.

However, the trip, which is unquestionably partisan and only helps Mr. Obama, will be funded by American taxpayers.  This comes at a time when the President's approval rating is plummeting and at a time when the President has been calling for efficient use of money.

In a conference, Press Secretary Jay Carney tackled questions by reporters. When asked whether it was a presidential event or a campaign event, Mr. Carney responded, “That is an official event.”

Mr. Carney went on to state quite bluntly that the President should be able to use taxpayer money on any event that he wishes. “He’s the President of the United States,” Secretary Carney said.

A reporter then asked Mr. Carney, "With the bus tour, it's certainly a visual, but what are the tangibles?"

Mr. Carney stated that the government would soon release more details of the trip, then stated, “The, the, uh, air of cynicism is, uh, quite thick. Uh, the idea that the President of the United States, uh, should not venture forth into the country is, uh, ridiculous.”

The reporter responded, “I didn’t say that,” to which Mr. Carney responded:

"No...but, um, your, your, you implied it in your question and the, you know, it is absolutely important for, uh, the President, whoever that person is, uh, in the past and in the future, to get out and, and, uh, uh...hear from people in different communities."

You can watch the exchange below:

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