Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iowa Straw Poll Results- Bachmann Wins; Paul Comes in Second, Pawlenty in Third

In one of the first major parts of the Republican nomination process, we have a winner at the Iowa straw poll. Underneath are the winners, and other relevant numbers that have come out so far:

UPDATE- Complete, final numbers:

Michele Bachmann 4,823
Ron Paul 4,671
Tim Pawlenty 2,293
Rick Santorum 1,657
Herman Cain 1,456
Rick Perry 718
Mitt Romeny 567
Newt Gingrich 385
Jon Huntsman 69
Thaddeus McCotter 35
other write-ins 162

16,892 ballots were cast. Rick Santorum came in fourth. That's about 3,000 more than expected.
The Candidates
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