Friday, August 26, 2011

Interview with Vox Day, WND Author and Founder of Vox Popoli

Pundit Press is very pleased to present our 42nd interview in our on-going series.  Today we are honored to ask questions to Vox Day, a popular writer on World Net Daily and the founder of the successful website Vox Popoli.  So, without futher ado, here is the interview:
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When did you start Vox Popoli and why?

To cut down on both the hate mail and the fan mail, as it was very tiresome responding to ten or twenty iterations of the same email. Being able to address all of them at once and direct them to the blog was a much more effective way to deal with it. It worked very well, as I now have significantly more traffic and yet significantly less email.

What is the most satisfying part of having a website? What is the worst part?

Being able to receive fast and substantive criticism. This can be incredibly useful when one is writing a book. The worst part is the delusional drive-by critics. They never have anything meaningful to say and inevitably attempt to steer the debate towards themselves.

In your estimation, has President Obama been even more of a failure than you expected, about what you expected, or did he somehow exceed your expectations? Why?

About what I expected. Before he was sworn in, I said he would prove to be the most amusing and incompetent president in American history to date and he has absolutely delivered. In spades.

What is the worst thing that President Obama has done in office? Has he done anything right?

It's a toss-up between his stimulus plan and his betrayal of the anti-war left. The only reason he won the Democratic nomination was because he promised to get us out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now we're in Pakistan, Somalia, and Libya as well. The only thing he has done right is to avoid making things worse with Russia. Most people have forgotten, but McCain wanted to go to war with them over Georgia. So, there is that.

You've written that you believe that Mr. Obama will not be the Democrat nominee for President in 2012. Why?

I believe the Democratic leadership is deeply concerned about his negative coattails dragging down the electoral performance of the various senators, representatives, and governors. He's a lame duck in his first term and his unpopularity is approaching the historic. They're desperate to push him out in favor of someone like Hillary Clinton, even if they have to manufacture the reason. If he falls another 10 points in the polls, I don't see how he can stay in.

Do you have any favorites for the Republicans in 2012? If they nominate a moderate, would you consider voting for a third party?

I've never voted for a Republican candidate for president in my life. I was too young to vote for Reagan, I was out of the country in 1988, and there was no chance I was going to vote for Bush the Elder after the "No New Taxes" fiasco.

You are a popular author on World Net Daily. What has your experience with WND been like?

Great. I write what I want and they publish it. It's hard to beat that.

Is there an issue that you believe that the Obama Administration is intentionally ignoring?

I don't think ignoring would be the term I would use. They are actively attempting to retroactively legalize the mortgage fraud committed by the mortgage banks and interfere with the state attorney generals who are responsible for prosecuting them. But what can you expect of an administration of a man who has never met a Goldman Sachs employee he didn't want to name to his Cabinet? Of course, the janitor at Goldman would probably make a better Secretary of the Treasury than Turbo Timmy Geithner.

Would you like to add anything?

Live free or else.

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