Monday, August 08, 2011

Has Barack Obama Served a Single Day as President?

This might sound rhetorical, but I assure you, it is a legitimate question:  has Barack Obama served a single day as President?  The thing is, according to Democrats and the President himself, nothing that ever goes wrong is ever Mr. Obama's fault.  And since, under his leadership, things are constantly going bad, that means, if the Democrats are right, Mr. Obama has not served a single day as our Commander and Chief.

Some examples:

The United States being downgraded?  Certainly not Mr. Obama's fault!  It must have been the Tea Party and the Republicans who were pushing for a balanced budget, while Democrats were originally pushing for a "clean" debt ceiling raise with "no strings attached."

Unemployment?  Well, it certainly was not Mr. Obama's fault!  It's President George W. Bush's fault.  You know, the man who left office over two and a half years ago.

The semi-kinetic, non-military sans-personnel action in Libya?  Well, the United Nations gave the go ahead on that one and Gaddafi started everything in the first place.

The DOW plummeting?  That's a combination of Europe, the S&P's "facts be damned" approach, and the Tea Party!
Mr. Obama looking off into the distance
Gas prices?  It's not taxes, certainly, and it can't possibly be because Mr. Obama banned companies' ability to drill for billions of barrels of oil.  And it can't be the inflation that our current economic policies are causing.  No, no, it must be... Bush's fault?

There you have it.  Senator Barack Obama has not served a single day as President.  Apparently, he's been in Illinois this entire time quietly serving his constituents.  Nothing he has done has caused any problems and everything wrong with the country has been caused by our President George Tea Party W. Republican Bush III.

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  1. ChristianTeaPartierFOXviewerPatriotAugust 8, 2011 at 1:03 PM

    Obama to Americans:

    I know I promised change, shovel ready jobs. A-a-ah...But I never said right away...not able to do that yet 'cause I inherited too many problems from Bush. Oh, right ... that excuse is not working any more.

    Okay, the fault for our high unemployment rate is because of the ATM's ... oh, the teleprompter tells me that excuse is not working either.

    A-a-a-ah, OK, our economic crisis is because of the Arab spring, combined with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. What? Oh, the people are not buying that either. Ummmm...

    Let me try it this way: We had problems dealing with the debt ceiling and it was all because of the Republicans. Oh, oh, right, I promised a non-partisan administration. Ummm...

    Okay...a-a-ah, well I know one thing for sure. The S&P downgrade is because of those darn Tea party people. Yep...that's it. The Tea Party made that happen. Is that going to stick now? Will you believe that one? No? Ummm...

    Well, who's left to blame??? Not me, no no...I am your savior. I was given a special gift. Oh, jeeze...where are Reid and Pelosi...are you there? No. Ummm...Ummm, Ummm.

    Okay now remember, tighten your belts, put air in your tires, and eat your peas and American will be alright. God bless America.