Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exclusive: Daily Kos Sends Out Mass-Email: "We lost. They won."

We have received a tip, accompanied by a mass-email that was sent by Chris Bowers, the "Campaign Director" of Daily Kos.  It was entitled "Next" and detailed the Wisconsin recall election that took place yesterday.

You might expect Kos to blindly pump up their liberal readers.  Indeed, in the moderately lengthy email there was a list of "positives" that was included concerning their loses Tuesday (click for better quality):
But here's the thing: even these guys realized the massive defeat handed to them yesterday.  It was no more evident than their very first bullet under "Negative:"
Ouch, that has really got to sting.  Another "negative" that practically screams that Democrats should just give up:
Here's the complete list:
More, they didn't even use the old liberal stand-by of screaming "fraaaaaaaaaaud!"  They admitted that they simply failed.  It's shockingly...sane, even though why  and what they did doesn't make any sense.  I'll leave you with another quote from the email:

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