Saturday, August 27, 2011

ESPN Scolds Reporter for Anti-Obama Tweet, Promotes Anti-Palin Tweets

Ahh, nothing like hypocrisy:
ESPN is coming down on Paul Azinger for mocking President Barack Obama on Twitter. The golf analyst tweeted Thursday the Commander-in-chief plays more golf than he does — and that Azinger has created more jobs this month than Obama has.

On Friday ESPN ‘reminded” Azinger his venture into political punditry violates the company’s updated social network policy for on-air talent and reporters.

“Paul’s tweet was not consistent with our social media policy, and he has been reminded that political commentary is best left to those in that field,” spokesman Andy Hall told Game On! in a statement.
ESPN’s Hall would not comment on whether Azinger, who won the 1993 PGA Championship, will be fired, suspended or punished in some way. “We handle that internally,” he said.
The tweet:
Tweet that ESPN says is a-okay, however:
Nice to see that ESPN supports acts of vehicular manslaughter, but not playing golf.

Look, I'm not saying that Mr. Azinger should use Twitter as his bully pulpit.  If ESPN has a code of conduct, he should abide by it.  However, the double standard implemented by that network is appalling.

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  1. I think we were supposed to congratulate Kenny Mayne for magnanamously deciding NOT to follow through on his attempt at vehicular manslaughter