Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dog who Lay by his Navy SEAL Master's Coffin During Funeral finds a new Home with Best Friend

Loyal until the end:
It was the picture that broke the nation's heart - Hawkeye the Labrador lying longingly by his master's coffin as the Navy SEAL's emotional funeral was conducted.

But Hawkeye will not be alone for long as the deceased soldier's best human friend has stepped in to offer the dog a home.

It has been revealed that Scott Nichols, a close friend of Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, who was killed in the major U.S. helicopter crash in Afghanistan this month, will care for Hawkeye.

Nikki Virgilio, a friend of Mr Tumilson (known as J.T.) who was at the funeral, said Hawkeye was a personal pet rather than a military dog.

'I can happily report to you that Hawkeye was willed to one of J.T.'s good friends, the same one that took care of him whenever J.T. was deployed overseas,' she wrote on Facebook.
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