Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Passes Without Debt Deal; Obama Threats, Bluffs Largely Ignored

On Thursday, President Obama gave Congress an arbitrary deadline of this past weekend to broker a debt deal.  As Sunday passed, no deal was struck; in fact, no agreement was even close.

Thus, it is another day closer to the United States' possible default and another threat (or bluff) from the President that was simply and utterly ignored.  More, it wasn't just Republicans who did not bother with Mr. Obama's deadline, but Democrats as well.

The lack of leadership that is evident from this is staggering.  The President set an arbitrary date for the deal to get done, clearly not knowing or not understanding that the two sides are far apart and that he has no authority to set such a deadline.

Further, Mr. Obama declared Sunday's deadline but did not offer any constructive advice or help.  He simply demanded an agreement without any proposals of his own what-so-ever.  Once again, he failed to do anything.

However, during the weekend he did have time to tweet about women's soccer and take a clearly staged photo:
The President at Work
Times like these call out for leadership.  The President either has none or has shown none.  Both are bad.

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