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UN Human Rights Expert Draws Dog Wearing Yarmulke, Star of David Devouring Infant in a Pool of Blood

And don't forget, American taxpayers subsidize dozens of UN "projects."

Richard Falk, the UN Human Rights Council’s expert on Palestine, decided to draw a cartoon to depict how he saw the world.  Imagining the nations of the world and their interaction with law and liberty, Falk drew a dog wearing a sacred Yarmulke with a Star of David emblazoned on it.

In the dog's mouth were the bloody bones of an infant:
Around the dog's waist is a piece of cloth reading "USA."

The dog smiles as he looks back at a personification of liberty and justice as he urinates all over her.  Considering that the man who drew this is an "expert," I think we can all figure out how much of the United Nations views Jewish people and the United States.

Luckily, UN Watch picked it up and decided to send the United Nations a letter on the subject.  The full letter is below:
Ms. Navi Pillay
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva 10

6 July 2011

Dear Madam High Commissioner,

We write to convey our grave concern over the publication of an overtly anti-Semitic cartoon by Richard Falk, an expert of the UN Human Rights Council. We urge you—as the highest moral authority of the UN human rights system—to condemn Mr. Falk’s actions, which constitute incitement to hatred and racial discrimination as defined under Articles 1 and 4 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Mr. Falk published the attached cartoon in his blog post of June 29. As you can see, it depicts a dog urinating on a woman symbolizing justice, and devouring a dead body with blood and bones spewing out of its mouth. The dog is shown in a garment marked “USA” and wearing a Kipa, the Jewish religious head covering, which is marked by a Star of David. The cartoon is manifestly anti-Semitic and, before a worldwide Internet audience, incites hatred against Jews as well as against Americans.

We are aware that mandate-holders are answerable only to the Council, and that Mr. Falk and his supporters will claim that the cartoon was published in his “personal capacity.” As you know, however, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in identical circumstances, unequivocally ruled that Mr. Falk has “a clear responsibility to uphold the high standards of the United Nations and the Council.” Accordingly, the Secretary-General twice condemned Mr. Falk for having propagated the 9/11 conspiracy theory and insulting the memory of the 3,000 victims of that attack. Likewise, in 2005, your predecessor, High Commissioner Louise Arbour did not hesitate to condemn expert Jean Ziegler for what she described as his “inflammatory” and “highly irresponsible” remarks.

For the UN human rights system to be credible in the fight against racism, its own representatives must not be allowed to incite hatred and racial discrimination with impunity. We urge you to speak out.

Hillel C. Neuer
Executive Director
In the same post by Falk, he also showed off his sub-par photoshopping skills by posting this:
And then in a later post, tried to explain it all away by saying that he was trying to be prejudicial against the United States, not Israel:
It looked like a helmet to me, and the main visible symbol on the dog was the USA midriff covering. I found the cartoon through a Google image search on the page devoted to the International Criminal Court. Almost all the images there were about the Court or justice, and I assumed that this blindfolded goddess of justice was being led around by the USA.
Update- Falk now denies drawing the image, instead saying that he found it on Google.

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