Saturday, July 09, 2011

Tragedy: Seargent James Hackemer Dies in Rollercoaster Accident

An Iraq war veteran who lost both his legs to an IED attack has died after being flung from a roller coaster.

Sergeant James Hackemer, 29, died after falling from the Ride of Steel roller coaster at Darien Lake Theme Park, Syracuse, New York.

He was visiting the park with his daughters, sisters and other members of the family. He was on the ride with his nephew, Ashton, a sophomore at the University at Buffalo, when the tragic accident happened.

According to park officials, Mr Hackemer was travelling at 50 mph in the front row of the roller coaster when he was ejected.

Investigators say nothing mechanical was wrong with the ride and both the safety harness and restraining bar were working.
Our prayers go out to Mr. Hackemer's family.

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  1. Sad that his family had to witness this tragedy. It was the responsiblity of the park to stop this man from going on the roller coaster because it was obvious that he did not have the required height to have any reason to be on it.