Monday, July 25, 2011

"Sell Out Negroes"?

In case you missed it there was TEA Party in Los Angeles today. The South Central LA Black TEA Party rallied in protest of the "race-baiting and lies of the NAACP, who were holding their convention at the LA Convention Center."

I have such admiration and respect for the Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities who have faithfully attended the Tea Party Rallies and, despite harassment and abuse, support the conservative cause wholeheartedly. They take more grief than ANYONE, and I thought I had it bad being a conservative in Hollywood. It always amazes me that the so called “party of tolerance” doesn’t “tolerate” Blacks who have a mind of their own, calling them “Uncle Tom” or “Sellout” or “House Negro.” They have threatened to hang Clarence Thomas, and kill Rep. Allen West and his family, all because they are Blacks that didn’t get the message that they are to cooperate with Obama’s destructive agenda, or suffer vicious attacks. I am always stunned by the hypocrites on the left, who would light their hair on fire if we threatened Obama the way they threaten Black conservatives.

Speaking of hypocrisy and utter stupidity.....

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