Thursday, July 21, 2011

Losing cursive

After just reading Jazz Shaw's "The things we lost" article over at HotAir on various items that have been replaced by technology, I realized a couple of things worthy enough to write this article and share with all of you.
  1. I probably use more paper than most Americans today - two, or three college sized notebooks per year to write down my thoughts and draft potential articles.
  2. Who the hell really needs a desk calendar? Doesn't everyone have one hanging on their kitchen wall, or in their cellphone? They are useless.
  3. Regretting the decline of cursive? Never have I heard such an evil act of treason!!!! I hated the vile art form of writing in school and only use it to sign my name - usually in some ancient hieroglyphics.
The only thing that technology is replacing that I openly weep, and actually think about, is the book you hold in your hands. There is just something special about cracking open the spine of an unread volume, and slowly shifting through the pages.... towards knowledge.

What say you?


  1. I still use a wristwatch and saw a payphone the other day.

  2. I finally got used to the digital display wrist watch and now that I've got a solar powered one that automatically adjusts for @#%! daylight savings I'm not about to give it up. I'll forget my cell phone half the time and I still resent the necessity of it.
    Instead of a PDA I tote around a water proof pen and 3X5 inch note book with info and room for notes. Now power worries and if I lose it a couple of bucks are gone, not a three digit financial disaster.....Old age sucks.
    I'm conflicted about cursive. I'll forget and use it and then have trouble reading it.