Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011: Allison Krauss Turns 40

Allison Krauss, and Union Station, effectively reintroduced me to country music, specifically bluegrass and as a result my whole perspective on music in general. If you haven't had the opportunity to avail yourself of her remarkable talents you are truly missing out.

I was lucky enough to see her and her band Union Station in concert a few years ago. Now I am in no way a concert connoisseur, but it was one of the best shows I have had the distinct pleasure to be a part of. Reviewing one of her show in 1999, Ben Ratliff, who was clearly impressed, remarked.

“[T]hey turn their attention to one another and achieve something as close to perfection as can be found in popular music: a fully integrated sound in which the musicians, fully at ease, melt their projections together so that it’s hard to tell who’s playing what.”
So in celebration to of a special birthday I will share a few of my favorites....

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  1. Forty? We remember Allison when she was a 13 year old fiddle prodigy!

  2. I didn't come across her until the mid-1990s, but yeah, what a talent.