Friday, July 15, 2011

Internal WH Emails: Bret Baier is a 'Stupid Lunatic,' Fox News Must be "Excluded"

Though the Obama Administration has denied any bias against Fox News, new internal emails between high ranking officials in the President's inner circle show that to be a lie.

In just one example, Jennifer Psaki, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy White House Communications Director, complained to Jake Seiwert, Press Secretary under President Clinton and current adviser to Timothy Geithner, about Fox News (click for better quality):
In another, Psaki angrily wrote of Fox correspondent Bret Baier's reports on the White House's attempts to exclude Fox from stories:
In another, Jenni LeCompte, then-Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, emailed Psaki regarding interviews.  Ms. LeCompte noted Psaki's anti-Fox leanings and specifically asked if she would have a problem including Fox:
Psaki replied only three minutes later by telling LeCompte to skip Fox:
In another email, written by Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, he specifically states that the White House is trying to "exclude Fox" from any significant story or interview from the White House.  However, he is quick to pat himself on the back:
What these revelations mean, particularly because they are so high in the White House, remains to be unseen.  However, it officially and conclusively refutes the Administration's story that they do not have an anti-Fox bias.

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