Friday, July 01, 2011

Glenn Beck Delivers Last Show From Behind Bullet-Proof Glass

From Yahoo!:
Glenn Beck began his final show on Fox News where he'll be for the foreseeable future: outside the building--and not on TV.

"We've done some amazing things together," Beck, flanked by at least one bodyguard, told viewers as he showed them the view of the set from the street, noting the bulletproof glass that was installed "for a myriad of reasons."

Beck then rolled a four-minute highlight reel of his greatest hits spanning his two-and-a-half years on the air: Acorn, the 9/12 Project, his Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C., last summer. (The montage also included testimonials from viewers found on the street.)

"It's been an amazing ride," he said backstage, surrounded by some of the show's familiar props, including chalk ("We buy by the case," he said). "I've made some amazing friends, namely, you."

Beck spent most of the hour looking back. "We made a lot of enemies on this program," he said, from "the president to the Republicans to George Soros."

"We have not only survived," he said. "We have thrived."
No longer on Fox

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  1. Lucky he is to have such protection for the show. Performing in open stage was a lot of danger it seems.