Friday, July 22, 2011

FEC to Edwards: You Owe Us $2.3 Million

This guy was almost President and then was a breath away from being Barack Obama's running mate:
The Federal Election Commission has unanimously voted to require former Sen. John Edwards to repay $2.3 million in federal matching funds.

In a meeting Thursday, the FEC approved the auditor’s report concluding that Edwards spent more than he was allowed. Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said the discrepancy was not unusual, but that everyone who spends more than they are allowed must repay additional funds.

The dispute centered on whether Edwards must repay $528,000 he used to pay staffers on February 7, 2008, when his campaign was winding down. Commissioners decided Edwards's campaign was operational at that point, even though his chances in the presidential contest had ended.

Edwards has about $2.6 million remaining in his campaign account, according to recently-filed disclosure reports.
Now he's the smarmy douchbag everyone (Republicans) knew he was.

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