Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California's 36th District Votes

The voters of California's 36th district will be heading to the polls through out today to finally replace Jane Harman, who resigned five months ago to head a progressive think tank, and all the early indications point to a very, very close election.

Democratic L.A. Councilwoman Janice Hahn and Republican businessman Craig Huey have engaged in one of the nastiest congressional special elections I have seen in my life, but voters have not shifted to one side or the other with only one hour until the election is held, which is interesting since voters usually break by now.

So who will win?

Political analysts naturally predict Ms. Hahn will win, due to the 36th district's Democrat leanings, but early voting has the two candidates nearly tied and late polling has Ms. Hahn leading by a thin margin. This is her election to lose.

I personally believe Mr. Huey's pro-national defense and pro-Israel stances, which are similar to Harman's foreign policy viewpoints, will bode well for him in the military minded district.

We shall see what happens.

What say you?

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