Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking: 80 Children Killed at Utøya Camp

 In some horrible news, it appears that the number of those killed at a Labor Party camp in Norway were low. Initial figures placed the dead between 20-30. The Norwegian government has now announced that the actual number is 80. There were also seven killed in the Oslo bombing.

Suspect Anders Behring Breivik has been held by police. A former Prime Minister spoke there earlier today:

Hours later, a gunman opened fire at the youth camp on Utoya island, about 25 miles northwest of Oslo. After early reports of nine deaths, Norwegian police reported early Saturday that at least 80 had died there.
The twin assaults were the biggest attack in western Europe since the 2005 London transport bombings that killed 52.


More has been published on the shooter. He could be the one pictured in the photo of the possible shooter.

Now his Facebook account has reportedly been found here. His twitter feed was reportedly found, with just one tweet, published July 17. He is not following anyone and has one follower.

 There are photos published of the island here and here.

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