Friday, July 22, 2011

Anders Breivik Photos

Below are some pictures of the alleged shooter Anders Breivik. He could be the one pictured in the photo of the possible shooter.

Now his Facebook account has reportedly been found here. His twitter feed was reportedly found, with just one tweet, published July 17. He is not following anyone and has one follower.

 There are photos published of the island here and here.

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  1. breaking news:

    this man in photo is been accused for murder suspect in Olso

  2. I doubt that it just one individual 's Initiative. There should follow an investigation on his club of friends. Interesting to state the point that extremism has no one religious colour. It is terrible! How blind, naïf, and stupid one can become.

  3. Great job getting all these pics together so quick. Keep up the good work!

  4. Anders you are looking smart in suit...

  5. Muslims can point to the Koran for the justification of their violence. Which New Testament verses condone violence?
    Do Christians commit violence? Unfortunately yes but they do it without the blessing of Jesus. This is the difference between Christianity and Islam. Allah commands and condones violence against non-Muslims.
    Citations will be provided for doubters.

  6. Dear whearington,

    Nothing in Quraan tells us to act violence! You may want to read it at least once to wonder!

    Those who justify their violence do not belong to real Islam even if they said so !!

    I am Muslim, and we are so against what is happening.

  7. All these questions are answered in this in-depth analysis of Brevik's 1518 page manifesto. Seven major conclusions are derived about his religious views, his motives, his mental state, if he operated alone and his full immersion into his Knighthood fantasy. The full content of his manifesto are touched upon. When you are done with this article, you will understand Breivik's strange requests & statements today.